HSR earns ‘Facepalm of the Week’ award.

As of Yesterday (December 29th) the HSR has renumbered several bus routes to “provide more consistency”. Along with a handful of other major routes, the 5, 5A, 5C, 5E, and 52 in particular will now all appear as the 5. Their respective route titles, Delaware-Stoney Creek, Delaware-Rosedale, West Hamilton, Delaware-Greenhill and Dundas, will all change to “Delaware”, and the only differentiating factor on the signs will be relegated to the 2nd line, which is typically displayed in a smaller font (see example below). While they all now share the same central route along Delaware Ave. (thumbs up on that), each one still eventually branches off for its eastern or western leg, ending at a different terminus. A passenger heading to the Meadowlands in Ancaster (formerly the 52), does not want to board a Dundas-bound bus, for example.  Any HSR routes that formerly used an appended letter to differentiate route variations, have dropped that useful letter.  The 1, 10, 34, 41, and 55 are also similarly affected.

Now, In order to determine exactly which bus is approaching your stop, you will need to rely on the smallest text on the sign. Since, presumably, you’re already standing at the “5 Delware” stop, the largest characters on the bus sign are basically irrelevant to you, and it’s really only those smallest letters on the quickly approaching bus that really matter. This will likely result in missed buses, drivers stopping their buses for confused passengers, and angry passengers being left out in the cold (genius move making confusing changes in the cold winter months, by the way). So who really benefits from this change in a real-world setting?  This is already proving unpopular with users and drivers alike.

It seems more like this solves some technical problem for somebody at the HSR, and they’re trying to pass it off as some kind of service enhancement.   It makes you wonder what the folks at the CNIB would have to say, since their office is located at Queenston and Parkdale, served by at least a couple of these routes.

The HSR thinks this is helpful.
The HSR Thinks this is helpful, even the font sizes on their own example illustrate the problem.  Click on the image for an accessible PDF version.
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